CNP Eminent

The CNP Eminent package is a two-component/layered nanoceramic permanent coating.

Eminent Embrace (K1) SiO2 based

A well-adhering primer that adapts to the strength and flexibility of the paint.


Eminent Solid (K2) SiCarbon-based sealant

This "Sealant/Liquid Sealer" bonds to the Embrace primed base. A sturdy protective layer sealed with the primer. As a feature, for example, excellent water and dirt repellency. In addition, a striking modern shine and reflection, which is best revealed in the variations of shadow and light. Duration 6 years.

The package contains 30ml coating, application sponge, application micro cloth, key token, sticker, two pairs nitrile gloves and installation card. 

120.90 €
price incl. VAT excl. VAT 97.50 €