CNP Foamy Wash - Foaming car shampoo 1l

CNP Foamy Wash – Very Effective Foaming Car Shampoo

Discover CNP Foamy Wash, an innovative car shampoo that uses advanced technology to produce a very rich foam, making car washing more efficient and pleasant. This foaming shampoo not only removes dirt effectively, but also prevents the formation of water residues and creates a protective film on the surface, which perfectly prepares the car's surface for further treatment with CNP's Quick Detailing products.

Features and Benefits:

Rich Foam: Produces a thick foam that encapsulates the dirt and enables its safe and effective removal.

Water Residue Prevention: Helps to minimize the formation of water marks, leaving the surface smooth and clean.

Preparatory Film: Creates a thin film on the surface, which is an ideal base for CNP follow-up products.

Easy Rinse: Designed to rinse off easily, leaving no residue or streaks.


Initial cleaning: Start by rinsing the car thoroughly free of loose particles.

Dilution ratio: Dispense CNP Foamy Wash shampoo in a ratio of at least 1:100 to foaming agent.

Foaming: Apply a thick layer of foam over the entire surface of the car, which loosens dirt as the foam runs down.

Rinsing: Rinse the car thoroughly to remove all shampoo and loosened dirt.

Dirt Removal: If necessary, re-apply the detergent with a foamer, or mix in a ratio of 1:100 in a bucket, use a clean sponge or wash glove to remove stubborn dirt.

CNP Foamy Wash is the perfect choice for motorists who want professional cleaning in the comfort of their own home. By using this foaming shampoo, you can ensure that the surface of your car is thoroughly cleaned and ready for finishing, which will maintain its shine and protect it for longer. Choose CNP Foamy Wash when you want to combine deep cleaning and protection in an easy-to-use and effective package.

1 litre bottle

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