CNP Reload - Water repellent coating

CNP Reload is a water-repellent coating for paint, plastic, glass, fabric and many other surfaces. Its duration, for example, on the paint surface of a car is approx. 6 months.

If the car is coated with CNP's ceramic coating, the extra water-repellent protection Reload can be added to the car, already when it has reached a dust-dry surface.

Without prior coating, the water-repellent CNP Reload is applied after careful washing and degreasing.

For paint, glass and other hard surfaces, it is easiest to add it either by spraying it directly on the surface to be treated with a spray that is immediately spread evenly with a microfiber cloth in circular motions. Do not pre-apply by spraying large areas as strong evaporation may leave spray patterns. Alternatively, you can spray Reload on a microfiber cloth or wax sponge and apply in circular motions and then polish it smooth with the microfiber cloth.

Drying time 30 min. Final hardening after two days.

You get the best result by using all three coatings together in order: CNP, CNP Shield or Steadfast and finishing with CNP Reload. Series 9H products have a permanent nanoceramic coating. Its properties include high gloss, hydrophobic surface, scratch protection, chemical resistance, UV protection and high heat resistance, up to approx. 750°C.

All products can also be used individually.

CNP Reload water-repellent coating creates e.g. a highly water-repellent surface for the fabric. Try it on sneakers or motorcycle riding gear!

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