CNP Wheel Reflection, coating for vehicle rims.

CNP Wheel Reflection – Professional ceramic permanent coating for vehicle rims

CNP Wheel Reflection is designed to meet the needs of high-level wheel protection, providing an excellent durable ceramic coating for all types of wheels. This state-of-the-art coating utilizes advanced nanotechnology to ensure highly effective dirt and grime repellence while optimizing the ease of the cleaning process.

Features and benefits:

Long-lasting Protection: The durability of the coating has been tested to work for up to two years, providing long-term protection and preserving the aesthetic appearance of the rims.

Easier Cleanability: CNP Wheel Reflection creates a protective film on the rims that reduces the adhesion of dirt and ice, enabling faster and easier cleaning. Helping to retain the benefits of rim balancing.

Suitable for all rims: Our universal formula is excellent for all types of rims, whether they are aluminum, steel or alloy.

Expert protective treatment: Thanks to its composition designed for professional use, CNP Wheel Reflection is a reliable choice for demanding use and extreme conditions.


  Apply CNP Wheel Reflection coating to clean and dry rims, ensuring that the protection is spread evenly over the entire surface. This not only gives your rims a shiny appearance, but also keeps them looking like new and reduces the need for maintenance.

Contents of the package:

Wheel Protection coating

2 micro cloths

spreading sponge

Choose CNP Wheel Reflection when you want professional protection and shine for your wheels. It is an investment in the luxury and maintenance of your vehicle.

Below is a link to a reference installation video on Youtube.

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