CNP Fog Stop - Prevent Fog

Preventing fog on glass, on the inside of car windows against fogging and dirt. Easy and quick to install, really sufficient and efficient! Pump spray bottle 50 ml.

Also go to the coating of windows etc. in buildings. Odorless, does not irritate the respiratory tract and makes cleaning the windows easier in the future.

Maintains a clear view of the driving field, thus increasing safety in traffic!!

Spray on the surface of the glass, apply with a wax sponge/coating sponge, wipe. The end result: a smooth, shiny surface.

Preferably use a clean microfiber cloth for best results.

Price €9.27 VAT for applying the 0% ointment. Size 45x70mm

11.50 €
price incl. VAT excl. VAT 9.27 €