Certified Nano Protection – Reliable durability and top technology for car care.

When it comes to vehicle protection, only the best is good enough. Certified Nano Protection (CNP) brings state-of-the-art products to the market, which are the result of long-term research and development. At CNP, we understand that car care is more than just keeping the car clean – it's an investment in the long-term beauty, protection and durability of your vehicle.

Reliability tested by SGS:

Our commitment to quality and reliability is reinforced by our partnership with SGS – the world's leading inspection, testing, verification and certification company. Independent testing by SGS ensures that CNP products not only meet, but exceed industry standards. This means that when you choose CNP, you are choosing products that are proven to be durable, effective and reliable.

Long-term preservation and protection:

The essence of CNP products is their longevity. Our nano-ceramic coatings are designed to provide protection that not only lasts, but also keeps your vehicle looking like new for years to come. Whether it's UV protection, scratch prevention or environmental damage, you can trust CNP products.

Technology and innovation:

CNP is dedicated to innovations in field of sustainability. Our nano-ceramic coatings utilize the latest technology to ensure you get the best possible protection. Nanotechnology enables our coatings to have unique adhesion and durability, while providing an aesthetic finish that is second to none.

Commitment to eco-friendliness:

Environmental protection is a matter of our hearts at CNP. Our products are designed to be environmentally friendly, which means you can take care of your vehicle with a clear conscience, knowing that your choice contributes to sustainability.

Certified Nano Protection is more than just a brand name – it's a promise of quality, reliability and long-lasting protection. When you choose CNP, you choose the best possible protection for your vehicle.

Our products

The best of our products are presented below, get to know and experience the strong results for yourself!

Coatings for even the most demanding taste

Certified Nano Protection CNP,

Eminent Nanoceramic Permanent Coating 9H 2K – Very Long Lasting Two-Component Protective Coating. Duration Up to 6 Years!

CNP Eminent Nanoceramic Durable Coating 9H 2K is an innovative two-component protective coating system designed for experts, which offers exceptional durability and protection for all types of paint surfaces. This two-layer package consists of carefully selected components that together form an unbeatable protection for your vehicle's paintwork.

Eminent Embrace (K1): Primer

  • SiO2-based: This primer is developed on a Silicon Oxide (SiO2)-based base, which is known for its strong adhesion and durability.
  • Paint Adaptable: The primer not only protects, but also adapts to the strength and flexibility of the paint, so it preserves the original properties of the paint surface.

Eminent Solid (K2): Sealant

  • SiCarbon-based: This sealant is SiCarbon-based, known for its ability to create a tight protective layer.
  • Sealant/Liquid Sealer: Eminent Solid bonds perfectly to the base created by the Embrace primer, together forming a hard and durable protective layer.
  • Water and Dirt Repellency: The specialty of this component is excellent water and dirt repellency, which keeps the vehicle cleaner for longer.
  • High Gloss: Gives the paint surface an incomparable shine and reflection, which is especially emphasized in the play of light and shadow.

Durability and Compatibility:

  • The industry's longest-lasting quality: Offers one of the longest protection times on the market, up to 6 years with one treatment.
  • Compatibility: Not recommended for boosting other manufacturers' coatings, and coverage is not guaranteed for anything other than the CNP system.

This CNP Eminent Nanoceramic Permanent Coating 9H 2K is aimed at the most demanding users and professionals who will not settle for anything less than the best. Its advanced formula and two-component system guarantee superior protection and shine that lasts year after year. If you are looking for premium level durability and aesthetics, this coating package is the right choice for your car's paintwork.

CNP Certified Nano Protection,

Protector 9H – Premium Ceramic Durable Coating. Duration 5 years.

CNP Protector 9His the industry pioneer in permanent ceramic coatings, which is aimed at all paint surfaces, giving them extra protection and a dazzling shine. This coating has been developed to withstand the most demanding conditions, providing long-lasting protection against external hazards such as bird droppings, insect marks, damage caused by UV radiation, acid rain and salt. In addition, the coating effectively reflects the sun's heat away and makes cleaning the surface easier.

Features and Benefits:

  • Very High Gloss: The coating creates a crystallizing and highly glossy finish that reflects light like a mirror.
  • Excellent Hardness: More than 9H hardness level offers superior protection against scratches and wear.
  • Extreme Hydrophobicity: The water-repellent property keeps surfaces clean.
  • UV-Protected: Compensates the harmful effects of UV radiation, such as color fading and premature wear of the surface.
  • Graffiti protection: Effectively protects against intentional paint damage and stains caused by the environment.
  • Dust and Scratch Protection: Reliable protection against general dust and scratches.
  • Chemical, Heat and Corrosion Resistance: Provides excellent protection against the harmful effects of chemicals, heat and corrosion.

CNP Certified Nano Protection,

Steadfast 9H – Top class Ceramic Durable Coating. Duration 3 years.

CNP Steadfast 9H ceramic permanent coating represents the industry's absolute leader in protective agents for paint surfaces. This innovative product is designed to provide maximum protection for all types of paint surfaces. Its advanced composition creates a strong and durable layer that effectively repels external hazards such as bird droppings, insect remains, UV radiation, acid rain and salt. In addition, it reflects heat and facilitates the cleaning of surfaces, keeping the paint surface flawless for a long time. This exceptional product is generally distinguished by the hardening time in ceramic coatings of 12 hours, with CNP Steadfast hardness is reached in 3 hours, when the vehicle can be handed over for use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extra High Gloss: Created to bring out the natural glow and depth of the surface, giving a glossy finish.
  • Superior Hardness: 9H hardness level provides excellent scratch and abrasion resistance.
  • Water and UV Light Repellent: A highly hydrophobic coating that repels water and protects against damage caused by UV radiation.
  • Graffiti protection: Provides additional protection against unwanted scratches and wear.
  • Chemical, Heat and Corrosion Resistance: Protects the paint surface from common chemicals, heat and corrosion.

You can get more information about coatings and their applicability at our coating points.

Effective cleaning with high-quality products

CNP Foamy Wash - Foaming car shampoo, has a technology that produces a very rich foam. The foam effect effectively helps in removing dirt. Prevents traces of water residues and leaves a film in mind for further processing.

CNP Wash & Protect - Car detergent that coats and brightens car surfaces with every wash. With more uses, the car exudes more shine and it stays clean much longer!

CNP Fine Topping - After washing, improves water and dirt repellency, and further increases shine. CNP Fine Topping minimizes the mechanical contact of the car's surface, reducing the need for drying.

Product information:

CNP - Certified Nano Protection is a permanent nano-ceramic coating that has been on the Finnish market for a long time. With the CNP treatment, several benefits are achieved to maintain the luxurious gloss and condition of the paint surface. At the same time, the resale value of the vehicle can increase by several thousand euros.

The hydrophobic and anti-graffiti effects achieved by the products mean that the CNP-treated surface stays cleaner longer than the untreated one, and dirt does not stick to it easily. The hydrophobic effect repels water, taking dirt with it. The ceramic surface of CNP - permanent coatings protects even in the harshest conditions against weather changes, scratches, air pollution, UV radiation, salt and harsh chemicals. Heat resistance up to 850 degrees Celsius. The product range is aimed at several different surfaces, get to know the possibilities of these with the guidance of our nearest coating point. This way you get the best experience of the benefits of coatings.


CNP - Certified Nano Protection products have been tested to be just right for northern conditions. The hardness and flexibility achieved thanks to the ingredients consisting of pure materials guarantee durability even in extreme conditions.

The quality of the coatings is based on very hard silicon dioxide (SiO2), titanium oxide (Ti02) and silicon carbon (Si C) materials. They are refined into a nanopowder and stabilized into a colloidal solution. The materials are still modified to a liquid form, so that they are best suited for short-term surface treatment of various materials, when you want to improve the properties of the treated surface.

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