CNP Reload - Water-repellent coating

CNP Reload - water repellent (boosting) coating

Cnp Reload is a revolutionary water-repellent coating for paint, plastic, glass, fabric and many other surfaces. The water-repellent film lasts about 6 months in sneakers, driving equipment or on the car's paintwork.

Features and benefits:

CNP Reload creates a water-repellent surface, even on paper towels.


For paint, glass and other hard surfaces: add either by spraying it directly on the surface to be treated and immediately spread the product evenly with a microfiber cloth in circular motions.

Treat a small area at a time so that premature drying does not leave spray patterns.

For porous surfaces, such as fabric, spray the product directly on the treated area and let it dry for 30 min. Repeat the treatment and let it dry for at least an hour.

The final hardening/patterning takes place after two days.

Below is a youtube video of the installation, coating installation with a sponge, watch and find your inner detailer!

CNP Reload water-repellent coating creates e.g. a highly water-repellent surface for the fabric. Try it on sneakers or motorcycle riding gear!

Size: 250ml

29.90 €
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