CNP Wash & Protect coating detergent 1 l

CNP Wash & Protect – All-in-One Washing and Coating agent

Take car care products to the next level with CNP Wash & Protect - a revolutionary detergent that not only cleans your vehicle but also coats it with every wash. This product will not only make your car look shinier, it will also stay cleaner for longer and is designed for uncompromising car care.

Features and Benefits:

Ease of use: Coating is made extremely easy - you can use the product in the same way as a traditional detergent.

Shine Enhancer: Regular use restores and maintains your vehicle's shine after each wash.

Long-lasting Cleanliness: Your car stays cleaner for longer, reducing the need for frequent washes.

Multi-Purpose: Can be used alone as a powerful detergent or combined with the first used wax-free, solvent post-wash for best results.


  1. Try CNP Wash & Protect and experience the top quality of the product for yourself. This product is ideal for those who want to maintain the shine and protection of their vehicle effectively and effortlessly. With CNP Wash & Protect, recoating has truly never been easier – the perfect choice for the busy motorist who wants fast, long-lasting results.
  2. Mixing ratio: 1:100
  3. The end result: Enjoy a brighter, cleaner and better protected vehicle without the extra effort.
  4. Coating Wash: First wash the car with a non-wax, solvent detergent. Rinse thoroughly. After that, apply CNP Foamy Wash with a foamer and, if necessary, use a sponge for stubborn dirt, apply CNP Wash & Protect coating detergent, and rub, then rinse, this way you create a beautiful protection and shine on the surface of the car.
  5. Normal Wash: Use CNP Wash & Protect (mixing ratio 1:100) directly as normal detergent, following the dosing instructions on the package.                                                                                                                          1 litre bottle
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